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Job Description

Main responsibilities:
Cut up Photoshop and Illustrator design files;
Implement designs via HTML5, CSS3, etc.
Work with creative team to fill in gaps;
Create working prototypes for clients and be able to walk through them;
Work closely with the development team and provide UI assistance;
Desired Skills and Experience:
Good knowledge of HTML5, semantic markup, web standards, CSS2/CSS3;
Able to create gracefully degrading markup that will work across multiple browsers and platforms;
Comfortable writing JavaScript from scratch (not just including jQuery plugins on the page);
Working knowledge of Adobe CS to cut illustrator/photoshop files into web ready graphics;
Rudimentary design skills are a plus;
Working knowledge of a CSS preprocessor (SASS) is a plus;
Working knowledge of JavaScript module systems (RequireJS, AMD) is a plus;
Good spoken and written Lithuanian and English.
Education requirements:
Bachelors degree or equivalent experience in a technical position.
A development focused international company with variety of challenging and compelling projects;
Opportunity to grow in informal style of communication and management environment that is constantly looking for great team players and leaders to take;
A chance to work with the top talent professionals and award winning teams;
Option to work in Chicago office for one month per year;
Participation in professional improvement seminars;
Competitive salary and performance based bonuses;
Gym benefit;
Team building events, Friday lunches;
Employee referral program.

About Devbridge Group

Custom software enables the enterprise to innovate. Our cross-functional practice of product managers, UX designers, engineers, devops, and QAs accelerates software to market for our clients that are frustrated with mediocrity and value results over activity.We partnered with a Chicago software company kCura to augment their development and currently provide team augmentation services for the Relativity product. Our cross-functional teams have their own product managers, UX, engineering and QA expertise and follow the cadence of kCura’s delivery.We use lean requirements to capture business needs and iterate over an interactive prototype. The prototype is further validated with stakeholders, users, and customers to further advance alignment, measure value and define roadmap. Rapid prototyping is extremely useful to kickstart new strategic initiatives when detailed documentation simply does not cut it.High-volume, complex product configurations, integration heavy - these are ideal traits of projects for our cross-functional product team. We partnered with Monotype, the largest typography studio in the world, to build fonts.com - the largest online eCommerce engine for typography.
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